Like Email Mailbox but for TEXT

Ok, so we have another one time offer we want you to really take advantage of.

It is Text Mailbox module, which allows you to have equivalent of email mailbox but for text.

One of the best ways to skyrocket your text list building is to ask people to text questions.

This way, users can subscribe to your text list and with Text Mailbox you can see and answer the questions.

Skyrocket Both Instant Sales And Long Term Profits

Text Mailbox also allows you to set up auto-reply message, which is similar in functionality to gmail vacation message.

To skyrocket both instant sales and long term profits you need to give subscribers a way to respond to text promotions, auto reply back with info, and for high ticket items, to have a way to answer users’ questions and close the sale.

The same way in which people often reply to email broadcast, they reply to text broadcast too.

People Need Simple Answer To Buy

Usually people are looking for simple answer to make a buy decision so Text Mailbox can significantly increase your sales.

It can also be used as your customer support channel, which is a great way to keep people from unsubscribing.

As you can see Text Mailbox is the powerful upgrade.

So go ahead, add Text Mailbox to your order, and we will see you inside the member area.

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